Northtac Open For Business

Northtac Open For Business

Posted by Northtac Inc. on on Jun 3rd 2022

Northtac, Inc., a provider of premium optics and accessories, was founded to meet the needs of those who push their gear to the limits and demand the highest levels of performance from the equipment they depend on. Northtac’s mission is to serve those who embody the spirit of adventure and quiet professionalism.

As avid outdoor enthusiasts who cut their teeth in the tactical gear industry, the founders of Northtac realized that there was a wealth of civilian outdoor gear on the market that was inaccessible to the tactical community. They also understood that there was a vast amount of dedicated tactical gear with huge multi-use potential. Northtac is the product of their resolve to unite this division.

In order to connect gear users with superior products, Northtac has created this online destination filled with all the passion and know-how needed to make purchasing the right gear simple. With a carefully curated catalog and a team of experts that provide knowledge, training resources, and gear reviews; Northtac is not just a store, it’s a community designed to fuel your adventures.

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