Ronin P-10 Red Dot Sight 1x20mm w/ Low Mount

Ronin P-10 Red Dot Sight 1x20mm w/ Low Mount

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The Ronin P10 is a military grade compact reflex sight that features a cantilever riser mount, low profile windage & elevation adjusting turrets. The motion-sensing red dot automatically turns on with minimally applied pressure and will enable the auto-shutoff feature when left static for long periods. The Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 mount allows the unit to be installed on various firearms such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, air rifles and crossbows.



Dot Size 2 MOA
Magnification 1
Eye Relief (in) Unlimited
Elevation Adjustment Range 35.19
Windage Adjustment Range 1/2 MOA
Parallax Setting (yd) 100 YDS
Length 2.75
Height 2.75
Weight 6.2
Fog Resistance Yes
Shock Resistance Yes
Water Resistance Yes
Body Coating Matte Black
Glass Coating Multi-Coated Lens
Objective Lens Diameter (mm) 20mm
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    Very Impressive

    Posted by William Harkins on Jan 9th 2020

    I bought this off Amazon about 10 months ago and I liked how the description sounded but when I actually received it and was able to put rounds down range using it I was extremely impressed. When I received I was impressed with the packaging. It comes in a nice solid lockable case just like a Eotech and just holding it you can tell its build extremely well. It does have a auto on and shutoff feature and you can also turn it off if you prefer. I've used it at the range a few times and each time it performed flawlessly. After I zeroed it it stayed zeroed in and I havent had to re zero it yet. Its quick and accurate on target. Its plenty bright enough even in direct sunlight. For the price and for what you get this is definitely a sight to buy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous on Oct 25th 2019

    Good price point, clear glass, sturdy.

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    Auto shut-off feature does not exist (Edit: Yes it does, but the Northtac Rep. could not confirm.)

    Posted by PJ S. on Oct 10th 2019

    The product does not perform as described. It does NOT automatically shut off when not moved. This has been confirmed by a Northtac representative Clint Anderson in response to my questions on the "contact us" link of the Northtac web site, read below.
    (The product DOES shut off as described. The Northtac rep. could not confirm that, but I discovered enough info through internet research to determine how the device works)

    Description on Amazon;
    [ MOTION SENSOR ] The P10 Red Dot automatically turns on when it is moved and will auto shut off if not moved for 4 hours.

    The description of the Ronin P-10 from the Northtac web site;
    The Ronin P-10 is a military grade compact reflex sight that features a cantilever riser mount, low profile windage & elevation adjusting turrets, and a red dot that utilizes new state-of-the-art LED technology allowing 50,000 hours of operation on a single battery. The motion sensing red dot automatically turns on when it is moved with an auto-shut off feature when left static for long periods of time.

    (Both of the descriptions above are correct. The Amazon description is incomplete. The shut off time is variable from 1 hour to 5 hours in one hour increments. You won't find that feature described anywhere, or how to make the adjustment, but it does work)

    Reply to my email from Clint Anderson with Northtac;
    Thanks again for reaching out. Just to confirm I have also tested the product and have not been able to verify the product shuts off when left idle. If you are not please with your purchase please feel free to return the item through the website from where it was purchased. Also if you have any other further concerns please feel free to contact me back. On a side note the “contact us” page is probably the best means to do so as I don’t believe I can receive emails directly at the time but am able to send them out. Also we will be fixing the description in the meantime, thank you for your feedback.


    (This is the actual email I received from Northtac, but I t is incorrect info).

    (The product is much better when you know how it functions. The instructions in the paperwork with the unit are incorrect, and there is no mention at all of the adjustable delay time before auto shutdown)

    How it works. Some info from Northtac, some info discovered by experimenting, some found on the internet.
    Step 1: Put the optic in motion sensor mode
    Step 2: Press and hold the minus ( - ) button for 5 seconds until the LED blinks to enter adjustment mode
    Step 3: Press minus ( - ) once to turn off motion sensor (LED blinks)
    Step 4: Press plus ( + ) once to turn on motion sensor (LED blinks)
    Step 5: Press and hold the minus ( - ) button for 5 seconds until the led blinks to exit adjustment mode. (Mine does not function like this. My LED just comes back on)

    (The below process works, but it isn't on any documentation with the unit or mentioned on any web site. This was info that Northtac had that was actually correct except they had the + and - signs reversed)
    To set the auto shut-off timer take the following steps:
    Step 6: Turn the optic on
    Step 7: Press and hold the minus ( - ) button for 5 seconds until the dot disappears to enter timer mode
    Step 8: Press the (+) or (-) to set number of hours, (number of blinks = hours before shut off)
    Step 9: Press and hold the minus ( - ) button for 5 seconds to exit timer mode.

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    No Blue Hue

    Posted by Dave on Oct 10th 2019

    I was pleasantly surprised by this red dot. Compared to a Holosun, this stands very well.

    The clarity is excellent. There seems to be little to no blue hue. The optic appears to be optically very very clear.

    The dot can bloom a bit at higher brightness levels, but that hasn't been noticable under bright conditions or after adjusting dot brightness. The dot is also very fine, at around 2 minutes, I believe.

    The included riser is a very nice design. It features a spring loaded screw that acts as a button. This a nice feature, as it prevents the screw from flopping around when mounting. My first thought was that it was a quick release feature, but it will not solidly hold the optic to be mounted by that spring tension alone. The mounting claw did have a small burr, which I filed down as well.

    The shake awake feature works very well. The response time is pretty fast, and it seems to be fairly sensitive.

    The buttons are softer and slightly easier to press than on the Holosun. I don't believe them to be of lesser quality, but they do have a little more of that feel when pressing them than the Holosun does.

    The rubber lense bikini has the slightest amount of flashing on it. Compared to the Holosun, it's slightly less clean.

    I cannot speak for long term durability. Only time will tell that, but my impression is very good. The optic seems to be very durible in regard to construction. The aluminum body gives the impression that it's at least as durable as the Holosun, if not more so.

    I also cannot speak for it's water resistance.

    Ultimately though, I am extremely pleased with this optic. I very highly doubt you will find a red dot with clarity equal to this, in this process range. I doubt you will find a red dot with greater clarity than this in almost any price range. This has less of a blue hue than an Ultra dot, which is also very clear. In clarity, it is very comparable to the Holosun.

    This is an AMAZING red dot for the price, and so far appears to be a great red dot at any price

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    A better choice

    Posted by Eolian on Oct 10th 2019

    Having worked for an optical lens manufacturer I guess I am more critical of optics. Unfortunately, being retired, I no longer have thousands of dollars of testing equipment to use. Experience, magnifiers and my eyeballs are now my tools. I started with a Mid-Ten red dot that seemed to have an excellent and optics. I could not come close to centering the dot. Next I tried a Bushnell that had an optical star filter effect. After reading the Amazon description I knew something seemed inherently wrong. A dark room showed a red dot brightness step problems. Maybe these 2 were just randomly defective. Why should new anything be defective? Next was a Northtac Ronin P10. It had good optics, no discernible distortion at any angle and a nicely adjustable red dot. It took me a nice slow 10 minutes to zero. Definitely a keeper.


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